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Blizzard Flurry Q Moving Head -Discontinued-Rental Only

Moving Head Fixtures add excitement to an event, and the Flurry Q Mini Moving Wash makes them an affordable lightweight option for mobile djs, bands and small clubs. The FlurryQ mini moving wash provides a truly impressive display of color with it's 7 x 10-Watt Quad-Color LEDs, yet it fits in the palm of your hand!

Rental price:
$35.00 single unit
Pr: $65.00 with t-bar stand and cable to master/slave the fixtures

Runs in sound active mode or with DMX control.
It is a 7 or 12-channel DMX LED fixture with RGBW color mixing capability. The unit features built-in color macros for a number of popular hues. The Flurry Q also features variable electronic strobe, vector speed control for multiple channels, user-selectable pan and tilt ranges, and built-in movement macros.