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Chauvet Eclipse Starfield Effect-Discontinued-Rental Item Only

This delightful ambient effect light creates a moving night sky with red and green laser "stars" in motion across the room. The Eclipse has a very large coverage area and will astound the people at your event or club.

Rental price $20.00

Coverage angle: 120
Light source (laser): 532nm/30mW green laser diode, 650nm/80mW red laser diode
Light source (LED): 1 deep blue (450nm) LED
Power and current: 120V, 60Hz: 20W, 0.2A operating, 0.1A inrush
Power: Autoswitching 100V 240V 50/60Hz
Weight: 3.6lbs (1.6kg)
Size: 7.9in x 9.3in x 6.4in